Tyler Jost

Website Goals

This is my first post for my website. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted a website. Why? I am not sure, but I definitely thought it would be cool. Back then, most online communication was done through forums and personal websites like those hosted on angelfire and freewebs.com. I even borrowed a book from the library about how to make a website. The allure of people visiting my website (purpose still undefined) and making a visitor counter made of flames rapidly rise was apparently very strong. Unfortunately, learning to change the color of a website is relatively dull so I never ended up getting a domain name. I think this desire remained, however, so when a coworker made his own my interest was renewed.

My goals for this website are:

  1. To showcase my work.
  2. To have a permanent place on the internet where people can find out more information about me.
  3. To make useful tools and write useful tutorials for people wanting to learn something new.
  4. To do something new and fun and interesting.